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The Prophet Series

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Photo by Asiya Khaki

Photo by Asiya Khaki

ABout Me

Salaam! I’m Khadijah Khaki, a British-American Muslim, currently residing in Seattle, Washington. I am a proud mum (mom!?!) of two beautiful children and the face behind Lunar Learners.

From the moment I had my children, I have been looking to surround them with fun and engaging Islamic books that will give them the tools to be proud of their faith and what they believe. While scouring the bookshelves, I often struggled to find engaging, high quality, unique content and I wanted to help change that.


More about The Prophet series

Many of the core Islamic values are imparted in the stories of our beloved Prophets (PBUT). The Prophet Series introduces these remarkable characters using concrete Islamic values; such as equality, cohesion, teamwork and remembrance of God, to name but a few. We hope these stories can make Islam a little more accessible and fun for our children while also providing a means for them to share their faith with those around them.

Alhamdulillah Lunar Learners has launched the first 3 books in The Prophet Series. Start your child’s journey to learning more about their Prophets with:

Adam and God’s Creation (PBUH)

The Adventures of Nuh’s Ark (PBUH)

Ibrahim the Builder (PBUH)

So pull up a seat and get ready to cultivate curiosity in your little (lunar) learner!


our mission

Our mission is to help introduce young children to concrete Islamic values. Through curating high quality, unique content, we hope to cultivate curiosity and allow young Muslims to start developing a love and connection to their faith.